Beef Processing

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Harv’s Butcher Shop

Our three BEEF packages are Bronze, Silver, and Gold.


The Bronze package is our classic “custom cut” style package that consists of a balanced mix of multiple muscle roasts and steaks. This package has the most bone in cuts while yielding a good amount of ground beef. Carcass is dry aged for ≤ 7 days.


The Silver package is our combination custom/retail style package. This is a great package for a customer who would like more steaks and more boneless cuts. Non choice steaks are mechanically tenderized. Carcass is dry aged for ≥ 14 days.


The Gold package is our premium retail style package. It contains the most boneless cuts and highlights the unique characteristics of individual muscle groups. Non choice steaks are mechanically tenderized. Roasts are netted or tied for uniformity. The ground meat is double ground, with no extra charge, to ensure a consistent and first- rate quality. The Gold package carcass is aged for ≥ 28 days.

Primal: Chuck

Bone in Chuck Steaks Boneless / Bone in Arm Roasts Boneless Chuck Eye Flat Iron Steaks
Bone in Chuck Blade Roast Flat Iron Steaks Boneless Chuck Roasts
Boneless / Bone in Arm Roast Boneless Chuck Steaks Denver Steaks
Bone in Chuck Blade Roasts Chuck Center Steaks
Ranch Steaks Roast

Primal: Ribs

Bronze Silver Gold
Grind Roast Roast
Cross cut for braising Cross Cut for Braising Cross Cut for Braising
Rib Steaks Rib Steaks Rib Steaks
Prime Rib Roast Prime Rib Roast
Back Ribs

Primal: Loin

Bronze Silver Gold
Porterhouse / T-Bone Steaks Top Loin Steaks (New York Strip) Boneless New York Strip Steaks
Top Sirloin Steaks Tenderloin Steaks (Fillet Mignon) Tenderloin Steaks (Fillet Mignon)
Bottom Sirloin Roast Center Cut Top Sirloin Steaks Top Sirloin Cap Steaks (Picanha Steak)
Bottom Sirloin Roasts Top Sirloin Fillet Steaks
Tri Tip Ball Tip Steaks
Bottom Sirloin Flap Steak

Primal: Round

Bronze Silver Gold
Bone in Round Steaks Boneless Round Steaks ( Tenderized) Western Tip Steaks (tenderized)
Bone in Round Roasts Grind Round Roasts Individual Muscles Top Round Steaks (tenderized)
Cross Cut For Braising Sirloin Tip Steaks Bottom Round Roast
Short Ribs Cross cut for braising Sirloin Tip Center Roast
Flank Steaks Short Ribs Sirloin Tip Side Steaks (tenderized)
Grind Flank Steak Cross cut for braising
Point / Flat Skirt Steak Short Ribs / Flanken Ribs
Point / Flat Flank Steak
Skirt Steak
Point / Flat