Lamb Processing

We take pride in our role to get you an outstanding number of return customers and keep people buying local.

Harv’s Butcher Shop

Our SHEEP/GOAT packages are broken down by the number of animals brought in and the cutting style.

Primal: Shoulder

Bone-In Boneless
Bone-in shoulder Roast Boneless Shoulder Roast
Cross Cut Cross Cut / Boneless Roast
Grind Grind

Primal: Loin

Bone-In Boneless
Loin Chops Lollipop Loin Chops
T-Bone Steaks Boneless Chops
Frenched Loin Roast

Primal: Leg

Bone-In Boneless
Bone-In Leg Roast Boneless Leg Roast

Primal: Belly

Bone-In Boneless
Grind Boneless Belly